«forty9dot6» was founded on May 4th, 2016 in its current composition and it's a lot of fun to inspire our audience with cool pop-rock-country songs from the 70s to modern times. We keep getting feedback like: «cool band - great repertoire - exactly my taste in songs - I've heard my favorite song again...». That motivates us incredibly to continue to interpret the covers and to keep adding new songs. 

We love the variety of playing on different stages, be it in a cool music bar or on larger stages such as the EVZ season opening or the Zug Lake Festival. We also get your company event to groove or your birthday party in an unforgettable atmosphere. 

You can count on us, we are structured and at the same time flexible and adapt to the course of your event. The many years of individual musical experience of each individual musician will make your concert an unforgettable experience. 


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We look forward to see you at a concert.

Sibylle Renggli

I grew up in a musical family, which was strongly influenced by yodeling and brass music. At the beginning I learned to play the trumpet and trombone, and for a short time I played in a harmony band as a trombonist. Music has always fascinated me - I took a little more time with singing in public.


In 2007 I was on stage as part of the ensemble for the musical Drachenstein at «Le Théâtre» in Kriens. Furthermore I sang in private at various weddings and baptisms. From 2007 to 2015 I was also a member of the gospel choir vocal emotions, in which I sang soprano and was regularly used as a soloist. It is a great pleasure for me to sing together with Daniela in forty9dot6. The band is a musical as well as a human enrichment for me.

Daniela Erni

Singing has always been a priority for me since I was a child. I sang whenever and wherever I was. But, I really then started singing consciously much later.. 

At the age of 23 I joined the church choir, where I also took singing lessons at the same time. Further memberships followed, in a gospel choir, the acapella quartet «Voicetonic», as a singer in various bands and since spring 2016, I have been the lead voice of forty9dot6 together with Sibylle Renggli. It gives me a lot of joy and fun to be on the road with this great band.

Benno Auf der Maur

The keys have accompanied me more or less since I was 14 years old. There was even a time when I «beat» them professionally. But there were also years when I hardly worked on them at all and I noticed that I was missing something. The first band I played with broke up for «interpersonal» reasons. Jürg's request to play in a cover band, which was still in the making, came almost seamlessly. After some hesitation, I said yes. Now I really enjoy it and it’s a lot of fun to rehearse with our great singers and the cool bandmates, and hopefully play many more concerts.

Beda Rickenbacher

Music has been a central theme in my life since childhood.... With a little more than 20 years, after the almost recorder neurosis in childhood, I still wanted to learn a «real» instrument. Under professional guidance I learned and played the trombone for many years, at the beginning in a Guggenband, later in a somewhat more demanding small band.   


For many years I accompanied an acapella band as a sound engineer and learned a lot about music, arrangements and how they are produced live.  


With a little more than 40 I realized that there is still a big dream: «I want to learn electric bass!». After a few self-trials, I decided that I wanted to get some «professional» training. After lessons at the music school in Baar I went to Basel and Berlin for workshops and refined my playing to get the groove I wanted. Learning goes on and on and so I have been taking lessons with Richard Hugener for many years and continue to do so.  


In the meantime, playing bass has become a great passion. Besides the cover band forty9dot6 I played together with Jürg in the formation «Uriginal» (songwriter from Uri), which is no longer active meanwhile.  


As a sideline activity I operate my own recording studio «tongarage» in Baar and produce bands and individual artists.

Jürg Willi

I discovered the joy of drumming as a young boy with the «Zürcher Knabenmusik» and expanded my experience after a few years as a drummer in a youth church service band.  

After a longer break, I started practicing again in 2009 and I was then able to take the first step towards re-entering the drums with the Guggenband «Exlartsch» (small formation). Shortly thereafter, in 2014, I was allowed to join the dialect band «Uriginal» together with our bassist. When the «Guggenband» broke up in 2015, we decided to found a pop-rock cover band. On May 4th, 2016 we had the band complete and have been playing in the current composition since then. 

During my 5-week drumming sabbatical in the summer 2022 in Los Angeles, I received valuable inputs with various new grooves and techniques at the Musician Institute of LA. It's extremely super «giga», that I can really «go wild» with such motivated musicians. It's an honor for me to support forty9dot6 with cool grooves and to infect the audience with my rhythm.

Reto Wäger


I grew up in the Engadin (in the Romanesque part of Switzerland). After taking classical guitar lessons, I was drawn to the electric guitar. Professionally, it brought me to Zurich and the surrounding area pretty quickly. And that's why I was able to take different courses in blues and rock. 

From 1989 to 1997 I was the lead guitarist and vocalist for the legendary pioneer band of the «Rock Rumantsch». With the band «Mäd Räthyx», a Romansh hard rock band from the Engadin, I was able to use my knowledge during various gigs, concerts and open-air events in Graubünden and Zurich. As an exotic (Romanesque rock band) supporting act for Sina, Hades, Patent-Ochsner, Jelly Fish-Kiss and many more, I was able to gain valuable live experience. 

In 1995, on my trip around the world, which lasted about a year, I was able to attend a 2-week course in Los Angeles. At the GIT «Guitar Institute Technology» school I was able to significantly expand my skills, especially playing by ear. A few new songs emerged from this course. And in 1997 I recorded a studio album with my band called «Lärmaziuns» (English: noises). A milestone in the «Rock Rumantsch» scene. 

After the band broke up in 1999, I looked for other ways to stay active as a guitarist. I also found this in 2002 with the band «Engiavinera», whose repertoire also consisted of their own Romansh songs. For family and professional reasons of the fellow musicians, this band broke up after almost three years. 

After more than 10 years music break I became active again. Jürg Willi contacted me if I would be willing to play guitar in a new Zug cover band. And so I contribute my guitar and back vocals to the success of our newly founded band «forty9dot6».